Elizabeth "Beth" Marzdan is a recurring character on Freeform's series, Siren debuting in the second season. She is portrayed by Caroline Cave.

Early Life Edit

Prior to the series, Beth and her brother, Rick, inherited mermaid blood from their parents, and lived a normal childhood, but when they were adults, Rick experienced some skin conditions due to his merman blood, and Beth believed that he had gone crazy so she sent him to a mental facility for a seventy-two-hour lock down.

Beth, who was seemingly oblivious to the mermaid heritage, managed to marry a man and had two sons with him. But during that time, she seemed to have cut off all contact with her brother.

Personality Edit

According to Rick, she basically was estranged to him, but in Beth's case, she really cares about her brother and does not deem him as crazy.

Physical Appearance Edit

Beth is an average sized woman with short, dark-blonde hair and gray eyes. She appears to be in her thirties or forties.

Throughout the Series Edit

Season 2 Edit

During the first part of the second season, Rick tells Helen about Beth and his relations to her, along with her current family complete with a husband and kids, and how she estranged herself from him just because he was not normal. In "No North Star", Rick intends to reveal the truth behind their ancestry by talking with her and bringing Helen with him. After the conversation which later turned sour at the end, she sends a man to go kidnap her brother and Helen before assigning him to find any other hybrids. Beth then apologizes for such kidnapping and then explains that she knew all along and wanted to tell Rick for a long time, but due to their mother's death, she couldn't bring herself to tell him. She also explains that their father knew as well and also wanted to tell Rick. She then sets up a gathering where they meet up with other hybrids, young and old.

Appearances Edit

Season 2 Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Initially, it was thought that Beth thought that Rick was being delusional when he mentioned that he and she are related to mermaids. In truth, she is revealed to have known all along.
  • She learns about Levi's presence as a merman when she passes by him and Xander.
  • It is currently unknown if she is still married, widowed, or divorced.
  • She learns that she is also related to the Pownalls, which later results in her losing her followers to Ryan.
  • In a desperate attempt to escape, she was shot by military soldiers
    • Though it's later revealed that Beth's death was a part of Ben's imagination and the former is in fact alive and well.

Quotes Edit

Season Two Edit

  • "Ricky?"
  • "I don't think that you are crazy."
  • "Thank you for bringing them back, Ryan. I didn't know what to do."
  • "We didn't know if you could keep the secret.'
  • "I tried to warn you. No one can know!"
  • "Members of the group rarely leave."
  • "There were rumors your mother had a child."
  • "You're joking."
  • "My mother and I used to bake together. That's her recipe."
  • "I think I should go."
  • "Did you know there are others like us? Would you like to meet them?"
  • "I think it's time we had a little talk. In private."
  • "You can just sit there in judgement, but do you wonder what would happen if we found out!!? We'd be victimized if not rounded up!! That family- the Pownalls- are still around."
  • "What?!!"
  • "Why? Why would our ancestors hide the truth from us?"
  • "I am warning you, no one can know!!"
  • "I'm so glad you came. Our survival depends on it."
  • "Tonight we are blessed with two new members. And I don't mean Helen and Rick, whom you've met. Our family is blessed to joined by two...full-bloods."
  • "They'd never believe you."
  • "Back off!!"
  • "Don't worry. We'll get them back."
  • "I'm so sorry."
  • "Fertility rituals are female only."
  • "We want to give the best chance of a successful pregnancy."
  • "Ryn can anything she wants."
  • "It's time."
  • "This is a female ritual!!"
  • "I'm in charge here!! How did you know about this?"
  • "We can't keep living in the past, worry about threats that don't exist."
  • "That's not true. I've sacrificed everything for us. And I'm one of them."
  • "I am a Pownall."

Season Three Edit

  • "

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