Ben Pownall is a main character on Freeform's series, Siren. He is portrayed by Alex Roe.

A descendant of one of Bristol Cove's leading families, Ben is an environmentalist and works as a marine biologist at the Bristol Cove Marine Research Center alongside his girlfriend Maddie Bishop. He is also the boyfriend of Ryn. He is the son of Ted and Elaine Pownall, as well as the brother of Doug Pownall.

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A bright marine biologist who finds himself drawn to a mysterious new girl in town.[1]

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He has short brown hair, blue-green eyes, sharp jawline. After a few months, in Season 2, his hair grows a little longer.

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Ben is both kind and caring, willing to go out of his way to help anyone in need. He didn't even know Ryn or what she was when she jumped out in front of his car. A complete stranger, yet he didn't hesitate to help her. According to Ben's mother, he has always wanted to save the "damsel in distress."

However, Ben becomes obsessive when he becomes enthralled by Ryn’s siren song. Several characters are concerned by this when he starts acting out irrationally in order to try and hear the song whenever he can. He eventually starts to seek help for his unique addiction to Ryn and her siren song, and struggles with weather his feelings for her are real or a product of the song.

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Ben’s RelationshipsEdit

Ted, Elaine, & Doug Pownall Edit

Ted is Ben’s father, Elaine is Ben’s mother, and Doug is Ben’s younger brother. Ben has always held a distant relationship with his family due to his lack of involvement with their political functions. However, Ben becomes more involved with Ted’s political issues regarding overfishing when Ryn and Donna are in danger and starving in the ocean.

Maddie BishopEdit

Ben grew up with Maddie in his small, hometown and even went to the same high school as her. During this time, Ben and Maddie developed a close, romantic relationship and even run a marine rescue center together. Their relationship is tested when Ryn comes into their lives. However, while the two remain together despite the events of the first season, they decide to take a break from each other. In the latest episode "Primal Instincts" Ben, Maddie and Ryn have taken steps to become a polyamorous relationship by kissing and cuddling.


Ben first meets Ryn after driving down a deserted road and seeing her running around his town barely clothed. Thinking she was a non-English speaking woman, Ben clothes her and drives with her back to his house. Ben is puzzled at Ryn and tries to figure her out as she continues to stare at him, speechless. Ryn then decided to use her siren song on him, hypnotizing him being she was curious about him, until she could escape his house on foot. Ben continues to look for Ryn until he finds her again. Later in his marine rescue center, Ryn struggles to the water and transforms into her siren-self. Ben sees this on camera and dives after her thinking she is drowning. However, this is where Ben first discovers Ryn is in fact a mermaid. Their friendship continues to develop during the first season until it grows into something a bit more than platonic, especially when Ben becomes obsessed with Ryn’s siren song. After the events of the season one finale, Ryn decides that it is safer if she stays away from Ben, much to his disappointment. In the latest episode "Primal Instincts" Ryn, Maddie and Ben wake up after falling asleep cuddling after having shared kisses and falling asleep. Ryn asks Maddie and Ben why they stopped, which Maddie replies they weren't sure if Ryn wanted to do anything more. Ryn replies that "She wants to make love to Ben and Maddie" Ben and Maddie share a look before replying they would like that too.

Xander McClureEdit

Ben is best friends and former co-workers with Xander. They also grew up together in their small town. The two ally together against the military to find their friend Chris Mueller. However, Ben finds that Xander goes in over his head when he tries to find the sirens at sea. Their relationship is severely strained when Xander discovers Ben and Maddie have been sheltering Ryn and keeping her existence a secret. Ben becomes the voice of reason for Xander when he tries to kill Levi, a merman responsible for Xander’s father’s death. Ben is unsuccessful, however, at being Xander’s voice of reason when Xander goes after the sirens in revenge and Xander shoots at the sirens, ultimately killing Donna in the process.

Helen HawkinsEdit

Ben grew up knowing Helen as the town’s antique shop owner obsessed with marine life, especially mermaids. However, Ben was unaware of Helen’s actual mermaid status, but grows closer with her in friendship when Ben and Helen attempt to keep Ryn safe. Helen is also later revealed to be Ben’s distant relative.

Chris MuellerEdit

Ben is Chris’ friend and former co-worker. Ben aids Xander in trying to find Chris when he is taken by the U.S. military after Donna is captured too.


Donna is Ryn’s mermaid sister. When Ben and Donna meet, it is not pleasant, especially when Donna believes Ben is responsible for the fish shortages in the ocean. Ben and Donna become enemies when she attempts to attack him and Maddie. Ryn stops her, however, and Donna runs off. Later on, Xander takes his ship crew and Ben on a boat trip to see what the sirens and fish situation are like. Donna attacks Xander’s ship with Ben on it, which worsens their antagonistic relationship. However, after the attack, which resulted in Xander’s father’s death, Donna and Ryn go to Ben for help and Ben acts bitter towards her, but Donna acknowledged that her group went too far, especially when she reveals they are after Ryn’s life. Ben and Donna put their differences aside and become allies when they fight against Levi and Katrina, Ryn and Donna’s fellow mermaid clan members. After the attack, Xander unintentionally shoots Donna with his gun, giving her a bad wound and Ben helps Ryn get Donna the help she needs. However, in the season one finale, Donna heartbreakingly succumbs to her wounds.

Aldon DeckerEdit

Ben recognizes that Aldon was one of the scientists, hired by the U.S. government, who experimented on and tortured Donna due to her mermaid nature. Although Ben does not wish to admit it, Aldon and Ben have something in common. They are both enthralled by the siren song of both Ryn and Donna, but Ben is disturbed to learn that it made Aldon kill himself.

Other RelationshipsEdit

  • Ben and Calvin (Acquaintances/Frenemies/Allies)

Quotes Edit

Season 1 Edit

I'd have to see one.
— Ben

So if you're a descendant of Charles Pownall, that means...
— Ben

Can you...change?
— Ben

This isn't some kind of ancient history, Dad. I have a relative in town, one that I've known my whole life.
— Ben

So we just act like it's got nothing to do with us? Like it never happened.
— Ben

Season 2 Edit

We won't let anyone hurt you.
— Ben

It's definitely not poison.
— Ben

You're working with them. Dad, you lied to me.
— Ben

We just had a beach full of dead whales, Mom! That's their impact!
— Ben

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Season 1
Episode Appearance Status
Pilot Appears
The Lure Appears
Interview With a Mermaid Appears
On the Road Appears
Curse of the Starving Glass Appears
Showdown Appears
Dead in the Water Appears
Being Human Appears
Street Fight Appears
Aftermath Appears

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  • He is second Pownall to encounter a mermaid; the first having been his paternal ancestor Charles Pownall.

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