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All In is the tenth episode of the second season of Siren and the twentieth episode of the series overall. It aired on June 20, 2019.


With Elaine Pownall's health worsening, she has been seeking treatment from the military's medical trial using stern cells from Ryn's mermaid DNA. But the procedure doesn't come without side effects to Ryn, who allows her mermaid blood to be drawn in order to try and save Elaine from certain death.[2]


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Guest Starring


  • Hannah Levien as Janine
  • Khaira Ledeyo as Dr. Park
  • Donny Lucas as Dr. Reed (Naval Doctor)
  • John Tierney as John
  • Jesse Stretch as Danny
  • Jamall Johnson as Guard
  • Paralee Cook as Market Woman
  • Shayla Stonechild as Daphne (Helen's Mom)


Ben: "Do all these people really need to be here?"
Maddie: "She's not a zoo exhibit."
Nicole: "These are our orders."
Ben: "No. We're getting her out of here. Now! Enough. That's enough! Get back!"
―Ben and Maddie complain to Nicole about their conduct

Maddie: "If it's too much we can make them stop."
Ryn: "This will help Ben's mother?"
Maddie: "I...don't know. We hope so."
―Maddie reassures Ryn
Ben: "What about in a human?"
Dr. Parker: "Same thing, in theory. But there's a lot to study before we get there. "
Nicole: "We're months away from human testing."
Ben: "My mother doesn't have months. "
Dr. Parker: "Well, there are precedents for expediting human research. If someone were willing to sign away everything. Someone with nothing to lose. There are ways. "
―Dr. Parker explaining to Ben and Maddie about using Ryn's stem cells on a human.
Bryan : "Our families go back. 150 years. "
Helen: "The Pownall Massacre"
Beth: "Our great-great grandparents were survivors. They lived on land, with humans. "
Helen: "With humans, where?"
Beth: "In and around Bristol Cove. They went into hiding. "
Helen: "How do you know all of this?"
Bryan: "We've kept their ways-- and our ways-- alive, in secret, ever since."
―Beth and Bryan explaining their history
What happened to your folks wasn't right. I'll never forget it.
— John Rooney telling Helen about the fate of her parents
Sistren of tide and time, we gather in the spirit of the Great Deep. We ask our mother's blessings on this bounty of sea and land.
— The Hybrid's chant in grace


  • The late Aldon Decker's research on mixing Donna's mermaid DNA with paralyzed rats in "Interview With a Mermaid", is revealed; yet it remained unfinished as Decker had been distracted by Donna and her Siren song.
  • Although Nicole did say that Ryn's observations would be harmless, Ben still perceives it as oppression. Especially since the scientists surrounded her as she experienced her painful transition.
  • Xander follows Calvin to a late night venue located down by the docks, he learns about Calvin's attendance to poker games and the odd jobs he has been taking.
  • At the hybrid's gathering we learn that relatives or siblings who marry within have offspring who are born with side effects due to the limited gene pool.