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Aldon Decker was a main character on Freeform's series, Siren first season. He is portrayed by Ron Yuan.[1]

Early Life

Before the beginning of the series, he had created many theories regarding aquatic humanoids and their biology, many universities have turned down his research until being approached by the U.S Navy who found it to be essential to theirs.

Physical Appearance

Light brown skin, black eyes, and a bald head.


Aldon seemed to be more empathetic and sympathetic towards the mermaids as it caused Donna intense pain, much unlike his colleagues, who see them as nothing more than test subjects. But when Donna manages to escape, he becomes detached and more concerned with the task at hand.

Towards the end of his life, Decker becomes obsessed with getting closer to Donna due to being under the influence of the siren song. He abandons his science practices as he desperately seeks out the mermaid. However, Decker becomes heartbroken when he learns that Donna only used the siren song on him to get away from him, which crushes Aldon’s dreams of being with the mermaid he believed to love and vice versa. The pain becomes too much for him and becomes suicidal; Decker takes his life because of this pain.


Season One

Mentioned and Referenced

Season 2


  • His final appearance is in the Season 1 finale, "Aftermath", when he commits suicide by allowing himself to drown due to Donna's death and never being able to hear her melodiously soothing Siren song again.
  • After his death, Nicole replaces him to further investigate the Merfolk and find out other ways to catch them. It is many months later that Ben and Nicole find the notes on his mermaid research on merging Donna's mermaid DNA with paraplegic rats.


  • "That's why I altered your people."
  • "Well, Admiral, why don't you see for yourself?"
  • "I'm sorry. I'm sorry we did that to you."
  • "She knew to put clothes on. All this time, we thought we were studying her. She was studying us."
  • "Personal?"
  • "I was keeping a detailed report of her progress, Sir."
  • "If I don't hear it one more time, I'm gonna lose my damn mind."




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