Admiral Harrison is a supporting character on Freeform's series, Siren. He is portrayed by Anthony Harrison.

Physical Appearance

Tan skin, bald head, slim figure, and black eyes. Being head of the military force, he dons said uniform.


Admiral Harrison is a no-nonsense type of soldier. He is willing to get his job done and grows irritated quick when others do not follow their jobs (in his eyes). Harrison also has little regard for others, especially those different than him. This is evident when the admiral was willing to do whatever it took to extract what he needed from a mermaid’s (Donna) blood with little to no regard as to how it would effect her health.

Throughout the Series

Season 1

He approaches Aldon Decker about the sea creature that was caught. He is disbelieving until he sees with his own eyes that it is indeed a mermaid. He has Decker experiment on Donna and test her DNA with rats. Concerned with nothing but results, he orders that Decker do whatever it takes to keep the program on track and keep Donna alive.

His crew eventually followed Decker to where the North Star motorboat was, aware that merfolk were there somewhere. Decker had contradicted him; saying that his crew did not underestimate the merpeople, but he did.


Season 1


Aldon Decker

I've been getting reports that you've been here at all hours, that you have lost your professional attachment.
— Harrison about Donna's escape

Admiral Harrison worked as Aldon’s boss in a military facility. They were not close in anyway, but Harrison often prodded Aldon and his work regarding the mermaid, Donna. Harrison treated Aldon as he would treat anyone below him in rank, which frustrated and worsened his professional relationship with Aldon overtime, especially when Donna escapes the military facility. Harrison presses Aldon to look for the mermaid, but they are both unsuccessful in finding her.


Her DNA is showing enormous potential.
— To Decker about the process he is pleased with

Although Admiral Harrison doesn’t interact with Donna much at all, he was still her enemy. Harrison made Aldon Decker treat Donna like a test subject. The admiral also made Decker and the rest of the scientists torture and experiment on Donna being she was a mermaid. However, the admiral and Donna don’t interact again once she escapes the military facility she was being held hostage in. The admiral is frustrated and angered with his employees when they cannot find Donna again.


  • It is unknown as to what became of him after Decker's death.
  • There is a possibility that he was the one responsible for retrieving Decker's body and replacing Decker with Nicole.
  • He could have been fired and replaced by David Kyle, who now seems to run the military's operations.


  • "And you're sure this is what you think it is."
  • "Her DNA is showing enormous potential."
  • "And why would we do that?"
  • "The thing I'm concerned with is results, Decker."
  • "So it was personal."
  • "I been getting reports that you've been here all hours, that you lost your professional attachment."
  • "The progress I see is that we know they can transform, which poses a whole new security threat: They could be living among us."
  • "She's out there?"
  • "Better hope you found her."



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