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A Voice in the Dark is the ninth episode of the third season of Siren. It aired on May 21, 2020. [2]


Tia unleashes a deadly attack on Bristol Cove. Ryn, Ben and Maddie race against time to find a cure for Xander's mysterious illness, while anticipating Tia's next move. Baby Hope returns to land to reconnect with Ryn.


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  • Tia infiltrates the call center and uploads the Siren Song to be transmitted to everyone's cellphones.
  • Second appearance of Patti McClure in Season 3
  • Annie makes her appearance since "Mommy and Me".
  • Hope appears to have matured quite a bit since her departure in "Mommy and Me" While with Levi and Mate, she slays a moray eel with her spear.
    • After a merbaby has learned to make their first kill in the water, the next thing the females learn is to sing the Siren Song. Ryn teaches Hope to find her voice and she masters the melody.
  • At Helen's shop, Hope explores the objects around her, she fumbles with a record player. The song that plays is a rock ballad song titled "Don't Ever Leave Me" by Hope Griffith.
    • Hope screams and the high pitch causes the glass in Helen's shop to shatter. This happens when before a merbaby learns the Siren Song from their mothers.
  • Not only has Tia slain everybody in Ryn's tribe, but the voices of their ancestors have disappeared leaving absolutely no cure for the people who have been affected by the Siren Song.
    • In Ryn's colony, all the voices of the deceased that reside in the echo chamber are remembered by the living.
  • It is possible that Yura's tribe has an echo chamber in their territory.
  • The Hybrids are revealed to be immune to the effects of the Siren Song.
  • Eliza helps Xander's condition. She causes his heart rate to stabilize, but later falls into a coma.
  • Ted refuses to help Ben and Ryn in the midst of Bristol Cove's sonic attack, he is still convinced of the mermaid's maleficence. Ted sees the webbing form on Ben's hand.
  • Just because Ben stopped injecting himself with the stem cells, it does not mean that his changes into a merman have stopped.
    • The cells might be dividing in his body. Like a genetic mutation, once it is triggered the cells feed off of the reaction. This might be foreshadowing that his mother Elaine will become a mermaid.
  • Maddie drives out to Libbey Beach and finds Dale's patrol car, small drops of blood are seen on the center console.
  • Ben uses his car to crash into a power station's transformer, this results in Bristol Cove suffering a power outage disabling the cellular network.
  • Hunter escapes Caspian Ranch with Hope in tow. By taking Hope to Tia, she has betrayed Ryn and her colony.


We got to contact the military. If the echo chamber recording is gone, we need to warn them about Tia.
— Ben

We have some further information about his condition. The lesions have spread to his cerebrum, if this continues unchecked movement and speech will start to be affected, his heart rate is already slow.
— Dr. Riley describing Xander's prognosis

That place was where our voices go for their final rest. When there is no none left to remember their sound. And now... All our history is destroyed.
— Ryn

You can bluster all you want, Ted. But at some point you're going to have to make peace with the fact that this is one situation where you have no power whatsoever. This story is bigger than all of us.
— Helen to Ted

It's all going to end in bloodshed. Just like before.
— Ted Pownell

You are the best hunter in the ocean.
— Cami to Hope

— Hope's first word

Tia wants what she wants.
— Hunter to Helen

Hope's heartbeat, it stopped... I feel it again, in human rhythm.
— Ryn to Ben and Maddie



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